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Wood Curving

Your Cabinet and Interior/Exterior Painting Refinishing Specialists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

At  A & T Cabinet and Furniture Refinishing, our cabinet and furniture refinishing artisans begin by removing the cabinet doors and drawers. Then, we degrease and clean them thoroughly. After drying, doors and drawers are hand sanded and sprayed with two coats of oil primer.  Twenty-four (24) hours later, we lightly sand and inspect them for imperfections in the wood and to see if any more repairs are needed.  A&T Refinishing uses Milesi 2K, an artisan Italian wood coating that revitalizes your kitchen cabinets. It’s scratch-resistant and has a 5-year warranty.


Then, we lightly sand the cabinet and drawers, again, and another coat of oil primer is applied.  Once again, a light sanding is applied and tack rags are used to ensure all dust and debris are removed from the cabinets and drawers to ensure a smooth finish prior to spraying.  Unlike many contractors today that use machines to sand doors and drawers, we prefer hand sanding which keeps the integrity of the pieces intact.  Our prep is crucial in achieving the results that our customers expect.  Once all prep is complete, we proceed to spray three coats of paint on the back of the cabinets and drawers and four coats of paint on the front of the cabinets and drawers.


Country Style Living Room

A & T Cabinet and Furniture Refinishing serves: Charlottesville, Nelson County, Albemarle County, Madison County, Green County, Central Virginia and the surrounding area.  

Luxurious Home

A & T’s experienced cabinet and refinishing professionals use high tech, state of the art airless sprayers which gives your cabinets and furniture a seamless finish. Our Festool Sanders are regulated for woodwork and cabinetry, only if needed.


All furniture and cabinetry are sprayed unless the customer requests hand painting. If you’d like for us to refinish your cabinets or furniture, complete the ‘Contact Us’ box on this page. 


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