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How We Do a Cabinet Refinishing Project

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Cabinet refinishing is truly an art! It should look rich in its color and finish, and some would say that it looks even better than it did originally!

When our refinishing team at A&T Refinishing begins work on a cabinet project, we are meticulous and detailed in each step. The following is a detailed overview of each step when doing a kitchen cabinet refinishing project:

  1. Identify the top cabinets using numbers and identify the bottom cabinets and drawers using letters.

  2. Remove all cabinet doors and drawer facings to bring to the shop.

  3. Once at the shop, we begin to clean and degrease all cabinet doors and drawer faces.

  4. When cabinet doors and drawer faces are cleaned, degreased, and dried, we begin the sanding process.

  5. The sanding process then takes the cabinets/drawers down to natural wood.

  6. The cabinets/drawer faces are then taken to the drying room to remove as much moisture as possible from the wood.

  7. The next step would be to apply 2 coats of oil primer, sanding in between each coat.

  8. The spraying process begins after the primer is dry.

  9. Milesi 2K Wood Coating is then applied - 3 coats on the back of doors and drawer faces and 4 coats on the fronts (10-year Limited Warranty).

  10. The cabinet doors and drawer faces remain at the shop to dry and cure.

  11. Back at the client's home, the prep for spraying the cabinet boxes and cabinet face frames began to take shape.

  12. Countertops, floors, walls, and backsplash are completely covered with plastic and RAM board to protect from overspray.

  13. We tape off the inside of cabinet boxes with plastic to prevent spray from reaching inside the cabinet box.

  14. Encapsulate the entire kitchen area with heavy-duty plastic sheeting that contains filters as well as a commercial-grade ventilation system creating an on-site spray booth, preventing overspray in other areas of the home as well as preventing odors from accumulating within the home.

  15. We begin to clean and degrease all cabinet boxes and face frames.

  16. Once dry, we will sand the cabinet boxes and face frames.

  17. Next, we will spray 2 coats of oil primer, sanding in between each coat.

  18. Once dry, 2 coats of Milesi 2K Wood Coating will be sprayed on the cabinet boxes and face frames.

  19. When all spraying is complete, the spray booth will be broken down and the kitchen will be cleaned.

  20. Cabinet doors and drawer facings will be brought back to the client's home and installed.

  21. Total time from start to finish takes approximately two weeks to complete depending on the size of the kitchen. If the client opts for a two-tone color this will add a day of prep.

If you are interested in having your cabinets refinished by a professional and are price shopping, find out if the process is similar to what we have described above. We do guarantee our work.

A&T Refinishing uses Milesi 2K Italian Wood Coating that revitalizes and protects your kitchen cabinets. It’s scratch-resistant and has a 10-year limited warranty. Our artisan cabinet refinishing team can refinish all of your cabinets in time for all of your holiday entertaining! We offer a free consultation and answer all your questions through the entire process. . Visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages to see our extensive portfolio!

We serve the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Culpeper County, Richmond, Chesterfield County, Greene County, Nelson County, City of Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, and the Central Virginia area.

Bonded and insured.

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